Writing makes you a writer.

Writing makes you a writer. I mean that in a good way. If you write then you are a writer. It’s that simple. You have literally just one job. If writing doesn’t make you a writer then what else does? You might not be the greatest writer on the planet but you’re a writer nonetheless. You count. You matter. Your words matter. Your writing matters. You’ve as much right to call yourself a writer as anyone else who writes — professionally, for money, or for any other reason. And you’ve more right to call yourself a writer than someone who doesn’t write. You know the ones. Sat in the coffee shop, with their coterie of friends, talking about their novel. The one that they’ve been working on for years. Before they go home and don’t write a word of it. It’s great that you’re humble and it’s great that you’re unpretentious and down to earth. But you’re still a writer. The only way to give up the mantle is to stop writing. And I genuinely and sincerely hope that you never do that.

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