What’s the Point You’re Trying to Make? [Medium]

We’ve all got to start somewhere

Japan is where and how I became a travel photographer.

I recently shared some photos online from that fateful trip to Japan.

It was a photo essay that briefly explained how and why I got started.

Although I’d taken photos abroad before these were my first real foray into travel photography.

I’d never even thought of myself as a photographer before — it was just something that I liked to do when I traveled.

People are mean

Someone commented on the photos: “What’s the point you were trying to make?”

My knee-jerk response was to say: “My point is that you’re an arsehole.”

Their comment seemed very rude to me at first but then I saw that they were a talented professional travel photographer and now I have guilt.

Why do I have guilt?

I don’t really. It just made me do a double-take on whether they were asking in earnest. I even said as much to them in my reply.

I also realised that “What’s the point you’re trying to make?” is actually a good question to ask yourself before you take a photo.

It’s also good life advice if you narrow your eyes, squint for a bit, and concentrate.

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