This is my courageous life, show me yours [Medium]

Photo by Annie Spratt

I recently stumbled across my answers to some Courageous Livingexercises from Your Courageous Life by the wonderful Kate Courageous (Kate Swoboda). They were written as a predictive vision of my best possible self, many years ago, and at the risk of great personal embarrassment I’ve decided to post them here.

It’s funny how things work out. We rarely became who we want to become. I cringe at some of my answers now but, whoever this fictional me was, I wish him well. His life still sounds far more interesting than mine.

I may delete this later — this is terrifying! But I want to encourage people to envisage their best life. Shoot for the moon and there’s a chance you’ll at least hit something. Please feel free to leave your vision of your best life in the comments.

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