The Teachable Live Summit starts Tuesday

I’m reaching out today real quick to check whether you’ll be joining me at Teachable Live?

Hosted by the number one course creation platform, Teachable Live is a free three-day online conference for course creators who want to supercharge their income and impact.

And I have a seat on hold for you… Click here to grab your free seat to Teachable Live! 

Teachable Live is all about helping creators like you, to manage your mindset, plug the gaps in your knowledge, and significantly decrease the time it takes you to go from idea to impact and income.

Each day for three days, you’ll have the chance to attend a series of highly actionable, free workshops, and panel discussions designed to help you “promote yourself” to the role of course creator.

And you’ll have the opportunity to learn from industry-leaders like Marie Forleo, Pat Flynn, Sheri Salata, Chris Ducker, and many more. 

When you register for Teachable Live, you’re welcome to attend every live session, or pick and choose those that interest you most. You decide!

You know, I remember how it felt right before I created my first online course. I knew I had so much value to offer, and yet the task of planning, creating, marketing, and selling my knowledge felt like such a mountain to climb. And so, for longer than I would’ve liked, I sat on the sidelines.

I watched while dozens of people recommended other people’s courses, instead of mine that remained uncreated. I felt insanely jealous whenever I saw other course creators sharing that they’d just opened up enrollment for their course.

That jealousy only grew as I’d watch comment after comment appear beneath their posts from excited students saying things like, “I’ve been searching for a course like this for ages!” and “I can’t wait to get started!”And the whole time I couldn’t help but think: “I wish that was me.”

But I had an idea for a course, and a desire to use my knowledge to impact others. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have these things too.

So instead of thinking, “I wish that were me,” Team Teachable and I invite you to ask yourself a better question: “Why not you?”Seriously… “WHY. NOT. YOU?”

If you love helping others and seeing the light bulbs go off in people’s eyes when they “get” it…If you’re a born connector with a knack for bringing people together…And you’re known for your knowledge, skills, and expertise (and can’t go long without a friend, acquaintance, or even someone on social asking for your support, advice, or help)…

You have all the prerequisites of a successful course creator and I’d love for you to join me at Teachable Live!

See you there!


P.S. I know you may not have three full days to join me at this event, and I also know there’s a possibility that you might not be unable to show up live to see the speakers you most want to see.

Team Teachable know this too, which is why they’ll be sending out limited-time replays to ensure you don’t miss a single thing. But they’ll only be sending the replays to Teachable Live registrants.

So if you haven’t already, click here to save your seat now.

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