So You’ve Been on Medium for Two Weeks and That Suddenly Makes You an Expert on the Subject [Medium]

I’m probably going to regret this.

People say the stupidest shit on Medium about how to do it right, make all sorts of assumptions about the people who do things differently, and basically crap on other writers at every opportunity. Especially when it comes to the Medium Partner Program. I’m sick to the back teeth of it.

Should I reply to them, write about it, or keep my trap shut? I ask for a friend. Actually, I asked on Twitter. They said I should write about it. So blame them. I also replied to one such post. Then I regretted it and wished I’d just written a post about it instead. So, you know, blame me.

The post that sent me over the edge was about how to get followers on Medium. It was written by a well-intentioned soul who had been on the platform for two weeks. This was long enough for them to figure out what’s what in the land of Medium and tell us all about it. Apparently.

The piece went to great lengths to explain in no uncertain terms why people who followed lots of people in the hopes of gaining followers had no dignity and were basically shits of the highest order. Ok, so I’m paraphrasing.

The reason it stuck in my craw so much is I’m the very monster that they’re describing and the motives they ascribe to people like me couldn’t be further from the truth. At least in my case. I don’t speak for other people or assume I know what makes them tick. I’m sort of whacky like that.

I’m deliberately not going to link to the original post or name the writer for several reasons. I don’t beat up on other writers. I’m not ragging on them or trying to call them out. And I’m not subtweeting about them like a passive aggressive douchebag. Or should that be sub-Medium-ing?

I’ve already interacted amicably with the writer on social media. I genuinely like them as one writer to another and will continue to read and follow their work with great interest. I also think that all writers on the Medium Partner Program have more in common with each other than we might care to admit.

It doesn’t matter who wrote it and, quite frankly, it doesn’t even matter what they said. These sort of articles are ten a penny. When I replied to their post I outlined off-the-cuff why I follow people and my motives for doing so. Instead I wished I’d written a post about it but I’m too lazy to write one from scratch.

What follows is basically that reply. Here’s why I follow people on Medium. This is my recipe for success. This is how I get followers like the money-grabbing sociopath people clearly think that I am.

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