Slideshare – Twitter Basics

I made a slide deck of my Twitter training talk based on the handout and article I published previously. I’ve given this presentation to companies to teach them how to succeed on Twitter.

Now all I have to do is record myself giving the talk and turn it into an online course… hold for laugh

This is the comprehensive cheat sheet that I’ve used to teach people, organizations, and companies on how to use Twitter effectively.

I can teach you everything you need to know about Twitter with a story about three witches. It gives you a framework for understanding which Twitter strategies are most effective.

I’ve Twitter trained individual writers, journalists, and artists. I’ve provided internal staff training to charities and managed the Twitter accounts of businesses, third-sector organizations, and creative industries.

I’ve also over 15,000 followers on my personal Twitter account so I must be doing something right. Here’s a guide to get you started, some tips and tricks, and that all-important story.

Let me know if you’re interested in being a participant for the beta version of the course.