Writer and Editor, Circa Works Anthology

Circa Works Anthology Cover

This isn’t a book about a werewolf, in love with a sexy vampire, who rides to wizard school on a dragon. It’s a smorgasbord of short stories and poetry from great Yorkshire writers with nary a whippet or flat cap in sight. Some of them are no longer based in Yorkshire, and others would spit at you if you called them northern, but you get the idea. Yorkshire Art Circus kick-started the careers of many fledgling writers with their Writer Development Programme. When a cut in support for the arts forced YAC to close its doors the writers it had nurtured didn’t disappear. We did what any self-respecting group would do that never wanted to split up in the first place: We got the band back together. Circa Works is a not-for-profit collaborative born out of friendship, creativity and sheer bloody-mindedness. To hell with Greatest Hits. This is our Anthology.

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