Membership & Communications Co-ordinator, Fabric

FABRIC fabric is a development agency for the arts and creative industries in Bradford district. Its primary role is to strengthen the cultural fabric of the district through a range of advocacy, networking and publication initiatives. I actively engaged with creative industries, arts practitioners and artists. I managed the company website and was responsible for content development, membership, finance, public relations and outward communication. I wrote bids for arts exhibitions and assisted with the delivery of the annual events programme.

  • Web content development
  • Online copywriting
  • Communications management
  • Partnership and stakeholder work
  • Monthly online newsletter
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Brand language
  • Marketing strategy
  • Maintained membership database
  • Company finances
  • Arts advocacy
  • Social media
  • Administrative work


  • I contributed to the planning and provision of regular evaluative reports on progress towards Fabric’s key objectives for communication and information exchange.
  • I proposed the introduction of free online associate membership, which met with board approval. I co-ordinated the online marketing campaign and also ‘sold’ the idea to existing paid members and stakeholders. Membership grew from 70 to over 1000.
  • I increased company revenue through conversion of associate members to paid members. I did this by leveraging existing membership communication, with successful online promotions and exclusive offers to paid members — such as featuring paid member profiles on the homepage.
  • My production of the monthly online newsletter evolved it from an ad-hoc selection of arts events, to a professional, balanced and informative digest of local arts and activities of our members.