Contributing Writer, Medium

I’m an independent journalist and writer currently writing for publications on Medium.

I’m a member of the Medium Partner Program and a writer for over 100+ publications.

I’m a writer for several of the Top 100 publications on Medium, with over 100 published pieces, and the editor of my own publication.

Most notably these publications include Hacker Noon, Publishous, Curiosity Never Killed The Writer, P.S. I Love You, The Ascent, and The Writing Cooperative.

I tend to write long-form thought pieces, op-ed, or lighthearted blog posts.

I’m frequently ranked as a Top Writer on Medium in categories including Books, Humor, This Happened To Me, Journalism, and Ideas.

My work has also been curated by Medium in categories including Culture, Music, Relationships, Fiction, Writing and Poetry.

My proudest Medium moment was when I was approached by NaNoWriMo to write for their official publication for National Novel Writing Month.

I’m not famous on Medium — more like medium rare — but if you want to connect with me I’d love to hear from you.

You can follow me on Medium, join me on Patreon, and chat with me on Twitter.