Let Them Eat Fish [Medium]

I once tried to convince a vegetarian friend that it was ok to eat fish because “Fish don’t count.” Apparently that’s Pescetarianism or ‘being a cat’ as I like to call it.

In a Pescetarian diet you eat mostly fruit and vegetables, and no meat, only fish. You can continue to eat all kinds of grains, beans, nuts, and what have you, and also choose whether or not to eat animal products such as eggs and milk according to your preference.

Pescetarianism sounded like such an incredibly healthy diet and the ideal diet for someone to switch to who’d long been thinking about going vegetarian but couldn’t stand the thought of giving up their beloved sashimi. So I went Pescetarian for several years which proved to be a great success.

When left to my own devices I’m almost exclusively Pescetarian and I still consider it to be an ideal diet. Or at least it would be were it not for overfishing and mercury poisoning. We really screwed the pooch on that one.

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