Keep calm and say hi on Twitter

Twitter is a trash fire at the moment.

I’m done with it except as a place to promote my writing.

I unfollowed EVERYONE temporarily so PLEASE don’t take it personally.

I’ve started over from scratch with regards to who I follow on Twitter.

It’s really not a big deal so please calm down.

There’s a bunch of perfectly good reasons behind the scenes.

I love chatting with people all over the world but Twitter has become an awful place.

I’m on Twitter to promote my writing — not to be a verbal punching bag for random assholes.

Please keep following me if you care about my writing.

If you subscribe to Chapter 23 please let me know so that I can follow you on Twitter.

There’s no easy way for me to see this — which is part of my problem with Twitter.

If you care about my writing, or support my work, then you’re exactly who I want to keep in touch with.

Please reply to this email with your Twitter handle or say hello on Twitter and use the hashtag #Chapter23.

If you get in touch I will follow you back.

If I’ve already refollowed you then, I dunno, feel special or something.