IDOP Community Events ebulletin from LOPF


I made a special IDOP Community Events ebulletin from Leeds Older People’s Forum about the events that took place to celebrate International Day of Older People (IDOP).

LOPF staff were out in full force attending different events across the city based on this year’s theme of ‘Health and Wellbeing.’

All of the events were for older people, some aimed at the general public, others open to members of the host organisation.

These events helped promote Leeds as a ‘City for all Ages’ and demonstrate the wonderful contribution that older people make to Leeds.

Positive images from the Community Events for IDOP 2015 were shared on Twitter using the hashtag #IDOPLDS, the LOPF Facebook page and on the Blog Page of the LOPF website.

We’ve pulled together write-ups and reports from most of the events, in their own words, and some reviews from LOPF staff that attended the events.

You can view and subscribe to the ebulletin here: