I Love Music More Than I Love You [Medium]

Where is this relationship going?

Every love relationship that I’ve ever had has been outlived by the love of the music that I was introduced to through them.

Sometimes I feel like the only reason I got into relationships was so that I could go through their music collections and dig out the really good stuff.

Whether it’s Nick Drake, Hole, Skinny Puppy, Pavement, Type O Negative, PJ Harvey, Ben Harper, or Madrugada. I’m grateful to the lovers who got me into this great music — but I’m glad I’m no longer in a relationship with them.

Who says love is always a good thing? Anything that makes you appreciate the music of Chris de Burgh has got to be morally suspect.

It’s also sad when you play someone you love a piece of music that’s important to you and they don’t like it — especially since you know this means you now have to cut this person out of your life.

I once stopped talking to friend who, when presented with a CD, said: “Can’t you just give it to me as a Spotify playlist?”

If I ever make you a music compilation mix CD and you don’t listen to it then you’re dead to me.


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