I could have written this but you did!

I could have written this but you did! I love when people say that. I also get a lot of comments like “You read my mind” “Get out of my head” or “Now I don’t have to write it.” It’s the loveliest compliment but always strikes me as a little weird — not least because I’ve a warped imagination. I imagine a world in which people steal each other’s thoughts and write them down. I know exactly what people mean, so I promise that I’m not being mean when I say this. All people really mean is I agree with you. But any time you read something and think “I could have written this” I encourage you to do so. I’m not being glib. Write your version of what you’ve read. The very fact that you feel that way is an indicator that you’ve something to say about the subject. You’ve probably more to say than the original author. And any time you write your take on something that I wrote about please let me know so that I can return the compliment.

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