Hi Donna, This is so much better.

Hi Donna, This is so much better. Biting satire but also informative and informed. I read that writer’s very piece of ‘satire’ in question — or ‘sexist bullshit’ as I called it — and replied to the original author to express my dismay. They blocked me on Medium and deleted their article. Should I be flattered? Or is that too all just a clever part of the satire?

I was very angry last night about what they said. Both in the post and in the fact that they then had the temerity to delete it once people started to challenge it. After my response to them I was still furious. And yes some of that was because I should have spent that time writing something constructive instead. I seriously considered posting my reply to them publicly as a post on Medium. All I did was sub-tweet about it. Whereas you have at least written something constructive in response.

I’m not sure that blocking people who disagree with you is the healthiest way to deal with criticism. At some point you have to learn how to play nice with the other children — even if you don’t like them or think that they’re being mean to you. But clearly I’m not as clever a satirist as he is. So what would I know?

I don’t normally comment on people’s work but I had to say something to them. I’m a firm believer in free speech and that absolutely means the right to say stupid things that I don’t agree with. And everyone has the right to choose how they deal with criticism. But they can’t post something deliberately hateful and then block anyone who calls them out on it because they feel victimised. It’s cowardly and shuts down debate.

I hate bullies. I hate cowards. I hate liars. I hate bastards. Or you can do combinations. Is the original author sexist or satirist? If it waddles like a duck, swims like a duck, and looks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.

I’ve decided to spend more time concentrating on my own writing and less time responding to people’s comments or commenting on other people’s work. The internet in 2019 is a trash fire. I’ll try to stick to my own corner of it from now on. Life’s too short.

I’m currently a moderator of a certain MPP Facebook Group. I suspect that it’s only a matter of time before I’m kicked out again. So, you know, it was nice knowing you.

The moral of this story? Don’t piss off writers — they might decide to, you know, write about it.

All the best, James

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