Here’s a response just for you.

Here's a response just for you.

I automatically post all my Medium stories to the blog on my website using RSS.

Medium treats comments like separate stories, which is bonkers, so they get included in the RSS feed.

Whenever I comment on Medium it posts on my website like it's a separate haiku-like blog post.

I want to talk to people who reply to me on Medium. But whenever I do I then have to muck about removing the comments from my website.

I've decided I should probably leave them because it takes too much faffing around to keep removing them.

But sometimes I try to write my reply like I'm writing another post so that it will be harder to tell.

The strange thing is people actually reply to them on my site.

So my comments get comments as though they're stories.

This is getting very meta.

What do you think I should do?

I'm a chatty Cathy on Twitter if you ever want to talk there!

*looks innocent*

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