Heavy on the Magick [Medium]


“You are the only people alive on the earth today. All the people that created tradition, created countries, and created rules — them f*ckers are dead. Why don’t you start your own world while you’ve got the chance.” — Bill Hicks as Elvis

Magick is a tool.

Much more so than say a career or a thing.

It’s what you do when you create, or as part of what you create when you make art, like paints and brushes and technique.

Art is also something that you use as a tool when you make magick.

The two feed each other.

Thoth is the Egyptian god of Magick and Writing. Coincidence? I think not.

Magick isn’t called ‘the art’ for nothing.

The etymology of the word Grimoire, a book used to summon demons, comes from grammar.

Why do you think demons are so bad at spelling?

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