graffiti living [Medium]


Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

I get a lot of people visiting my blog in search of graffiti, but it’s really about writing. Serves me right for calling it graffiti living! So, here are some notes on what I mean by graffiti living — adapted from handouts I did for creative writing workshops that I ran and talks that I gave.

graffiti living is an approach to writing. It encompasses a lot of different writing techniques and exercises, but in general it’s about enabling your creativity, learning to trust your own process, and writing like a lunatic.

There are two main elements of graffiti living — ‘write to live’ (which is whatever your personal ideal is for writing, be that earning a living, self-expression, or just your way of being in the world), and ‘live to write’ (which is how you get there).

If you want to write to live, you have to live to write. That’s what graffiti living is all about.

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