Good, Evil, fifteen rounds, a draw.

Good, Evil, fifteen rounds, a draw. Actually I think Norman Mailer’s six-word short story went: “Satan — Jehovah — fifteen rounds. A draw.” But you get the idea. You have to pick your battles carefully. Sometimes no matter how hard you fight, or how long, you’re going to end up at a dead loss. You’re infinitely wise to turn the other cheek, let things slide, or just relax and let things go. Choosing which hill you’re prepared to die on, and disregarding the rest, is a healthy way to live. I get a lot of ‘feedback’ on my writing. Mostly when someone takes serious offence and issue with something that I clearly said as a joke. They want to point out at great length and in all seriousness the errors in my thinking. If they’re lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) they will get a reply. But if when I reply to someone their next reply to me is yet another angry screed I just nod and smile and move on. Even if I sympathise or agree with some of what they’re saying. Otherwise we’d both be arguing until the heat death of the universe. Here’s to not dying on hills!

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