Chapter 23 – Tweet Shirts

People on Twitter keep asking me for merch with something that I said on it. It took me two years to get around to it but I’ve finally made my first tweet-shirts!

Please join me in my Sarcasm Prayer: “Grant me the sarcasm to mock the things I cannot change, the wit to change the things I can, and the cynicism to know the difference.”

Bespoke t-shirts and other merchandise are available upon request; so long as you give me lots of money.

On sale for a limited time at Hellvetica. Get it whilst it’s hot!

My first happy customer! 

Thanks to @samanthabwriter, pictured above, for being the first proud owner of one of my tweet-shirts.

And, you know, for being a Twitter friend, subscriber to Chapter 23, and all round wonderful writerly person!

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