Chapter 23 – November 2020

Hi! Welcome to Chapter 23.

Become evil. Rule the world. Maybe drink tea first and sit down for a bit.

“It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.”

— Noam Chomsky

When life gives you lemons, kick life in the nuts.

This month, there’s love, links, and Lovecraft.

Lovecraftian Observational Humour

Found my brand

Sometimes I ask questions online, that I already know the answer to, just to glimpse the howling pit of insanity from which people crawl forth like demons to give their answers.

To which a wise soul on Twitter responded: “Lovecraftian observational humour might be your very individual niche.”

I love the idea of Lovecraftian observational humour. I may have to steal that. scribbles it down in the back of my Necronomicon

It turns out my phone doesn’t know how to spell Necronomicon or Lovecraftian but does know how to spell Cthulhu. Clearly I’m in the mouth of madness.

Someone else on Twitter pointed out that I should have written in the Necronomicon in blood. It doesn’t accept other inks. At least not without paying a price for the transgression.

Don’t worry, I used red biro. It will never know the difference. Wait. I have to investigate a strange noise issuing forth from a dark place. Brb.

Anyway, there’s a howling pit of insanity and this is where people with weird-ass opinions about everything live. And sometimes I like to bait them by asking questions.

In unrelated news I’m now on Quora. Please come say hi.

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Friend Links

Here’s some of my stuff to read on the interweb. They’re all Friend Links so anyone can read them.

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Note: If you have a problem opening any of these links just try to view them in private browsing mode and that will probably do the trick.

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