Chapter 23 – August 2020

Hi! Welcome to Chapter 23.

Become evil. Rule the world. Maybe drink tea first and sit down for a bit.

“A concept is a brick. It can be used to build a courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.”

— Gilles Deleuze

Hollywood has always been obsessed with image over talent. It’s called The Dream Factory with good reason.

Sorry, wrong meeting.

This month, there’s mischief, madness, and monkey business.

Plus, you know, a tendency to exaggerate for comic effect.

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Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a typewriting monkey

If I wrote about what’s on my mind today, I’d probably get sectioned. So instead, here’s something fun that I made. It’s a ‘do not disturb the typewriting monkey’ sign for your door, to let people know that you’re hard at work on your novel.


You can download the PDF here:
do not disturb the typing monkey

Face it, you need this in your life. It’s a well-known fact that people won’t disturb a typing monkey — at least not if they know what’s good for them.

If the door is open, people know it’s ok to hang with you. But when they see the typing monkey, they know to leave you alone.

Next time you want to get some work done, just pop the monkey on your door. If that doesn’t work, you can always throw shit at people.

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