Calendars are a Hellmouth for other people’s expectations

Calendars are like to-do lists that everyone can add to. The best use of a calendar is to fill it with everyone’s unreasonable expectations, all your plans, and all those demands on your time — and then set fire to it. Just kidding. Kinda.

I love the idea of a ‘day overlay’ where you create a calendar for your ideal day. My ideal day calendar has several items on it — write 500 words, go for a walk, remember to eat and sleep and try to be healthy etc. But each item is set as an all-day event. So my ideal day is a handful of things that I personally want to get done and will improve my life.

My other ‘real’ calendars are the ones that other people can add to. The ones with dates and times attached to specific events. The hard landscape of what has to be done. When I want to remember what I should really be doing I look at my ideal day calendar with nothing else on it and take a nice deep breath.

All I have to do is three or four things? Well, alrighty then.

No-one else can see this calendar. My ‘real’ or work calendars are a Hellmouth for other people’s expectations. When invited to confirm the best time for me to attend another meeting I want to yell: “How about never? Does never work for you?” But I don’t. I just go back to looking at the calendar of my ideal day. And get to work.

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